Does a Near-death Experience Mean That There’s a Life After Death?

life after deathThe afterlife, a time when a deceased person’s soul goes to a place (heaven or hell) that is determined by God based on their actions while they were still alive.

Could life after death be true based on near death experience?

The concept of the afterlife differs based on the beliefs of the religion that you are a part of.

Even the early Egyptians believed in the afterlife where the soul of the dead would travel a long way to get to the kingdom of the dead.

A near-death experience on the other hand, refers to a range of personal experiences associated with impending death such as feelings of being detached to the body, levitation, extreme fear, serenity, security and warmth, and the presence of a light.

There were many recorded stories of near-death experience and Dr. Jeffrey Long, a radiation oncologist said that if you look at the scientific evidence, the answer is “Yes. There is such a thing as near-death experience.”

Medically speaking, a near-death experience is when the person is actually near death because of an illness or a severe accident that may lead to permanent death.

That is if they are unconscious and clinically dead, without any breath and heartbeat. Some say that it’s because of some chemicals in the brain that gives you such “dreams or illusions,” but those who experience it say that it was a real experience.

If those who experienced this near-death experience has, at that time no brain function, then how is it possible to have a conscious experience apart from the physical brain? So does this mean that it’s true?

With this experience can we conclude that there’s actually life after death?

The truth is, we will never really know for certain until it’s our own time to die.

Even if we were presented with overwhelming evidence of life after death, would you really believe, or stay skeptical? Personally I don’t think I’d ever really believe anyone no matter what was shown to me.

Although maybe this whole concept may change how I want to deal with my remains after death. Right now I plan to be cremated and my memorial ashes spread out to the ocean.

But if I was more convinced that there was life after death, then I may not be inclined to go through with my cremation and stick to the traditional funeral.

It really is a tough topic. One I do think about. But like I’ve already stated, when you know yes or no, then it already doesn’t matter.

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