10 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Make for Your Boyfriend

handmade gift for boyfriend ideasNot sure what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Nothing says “I love you” like a unique, personalized, homemade gift – it sure beats the same old boring box of chocolates or bottle of wine. Here’s a list of ten things you could make your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day…he’ll love receiving a gift handmade with love by you:

1) Personalized picture frame: Buy a plain 4X6″ picture frame and use craft paints to decorate it for your boyfriend. You could frame a memorable snapshot of you two together and then decorate the frame with words that describe how much you love him. He’ll love receiving such a meaningful gift and will be proud to have it on display. Make it even more special by naming a star¬†after him and adding the certificate to the frame. You can get one here¬†https://nameastarlive.com.

2) Handwritten card: Instead of buying a standard Valentine’s Day greeting card that never says exactly what you want it to, make your own card this year. Your boyfriend will be touched by all the work and thought you put into it. Use construction paper, glue, doilies, gel pens, markers, and glitter-get creative and make the card that tells your boyfriend how much he means to you this Valentine’s Day.

3) Relationship scrapbook: You don’t have to be an expert “scrapbooker” to create a special book of memories from your relationship to give to your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. If you’re like most girls you probably have tons of photos, movie ticket stubs, concert passes, event programs, etc. saved from the time you and your boyfriend have spent together. Buy a scrapbook album and put all of your relationship “memorabilia” in it and embellish it with stickers, foam hearts, and other scrapbooking decorations. This special album will soon become one of your boyfriend’s most treasured possessions.

4) Decorated coffee mug: Most of us inhale so much coffee these days that there’s no such thing as too many coffee mugs. And if you create a personalized mug for your boyfriend, it will definitely be his new favorite. Buy a plain coffee mug (white is the easiest to paint on, but red would be good for Valentine’s Day too). Use craft paints and paintbrushes to paint “I love you” or other sweet messages on the mug and paint hearts for added decoration. This is a sweet, practical craft that your boyfriend will love.

5) Photo collage: If your boyfriend has some empty wall space in his home, he’d love to fill it with a collage of pictures of you two together…especially if it’s made by you! This is such a simple craft for you to make, but it will be so meaningful to your boyfriend. Decide how large a collage you want to make and then buy a piece of tagboard that size at a hardware store. Then gather photos of you and your boyfriend from different stages in your relationship. Arrange them on the tagboard and cut as needed to make them fit and flow well together. Then glue all your photos on the tagboard and tie a big red bow on this sweet Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend.

6) Write a book: Seriously, you can do it! Write the story of your relationship with your boyfriend – how you met, your first date, when you “officially” became boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Add photos and illustrations throughout your story. Take your story to an office supply store and have it bound and covered. Your boyfriend will be touched by all the thought you put into this one-of-a-kind gift.

7) Invitation to dinner: Type up an invitation to your boyfriend for a Valentine’s Day dinner made by you. Print it out on stationary with hearts and flowers and be sure to include that he is the only invitee to your romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s Day. Of course, once you give him the invitation then you’ll need to start planning a delicious meal to prepare for him at your special dinner.

8) Pillowcase: Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a skilled seamstress for this one either. Simply buy a plain white or red pillowcase (and if you’re feeling really sweet you could buy a new pillow to go in it too!) and different colors of fabric paint. Then paint on a message like “sweet dreams” or “I love you” and decorate with hearts, flowers, or whatever else you think he would like. He’ll surely sleep well on a pillowcase made just for him by you!

9) Coupon books: Coupon books are a sweet, inexpensive way to let your boyfriend pick and choose when he wants to receive your Valentine’s Day gifts. Just take strips of paper and write on each one a different thing you could do for your boyfriend, like “One Free Dinner,” “One Free Kiss,” “You Pick the Movie Night,” etc. Decorate the “coupons,” staple them together, and give them to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Then he can tear one off and cash them in whenever he wants!

10) Decorated sugar cookies: For the boyfriend with a sweet tooth, heart-shaped sugar cookies are a good bet on Valentine’s Day. Either make sugar cookie dough from scratch or buy the refrigerated pre-made roll at the store. Then just roll out your dough and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out your cookies. Bake and then decorate with red or pink tinted frosting. For decorating ideas you might write your names on the cookies, “I love you,” “you’re mine,” etc.

When you present your handmade Valentine’s Day gift to your boyfriend, he’ll love the fact that you went to the time and effort to make him something instead of just rushing out to the store and randomly grabbing a gift. Anyone of these ten gift ideas will convince your boyfriend that he has the sweetest girlfriend around!

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